The Male Conquest of Women

Had a conversation with a client the other day that reminded me there’s a topic I haven’t much addressed. We’ve talked before about the romance process, and how it’s the man who pursues the woman. And how it’s a woman’s prerogative to put breaks on that process — to create obstacles, to say “not yet.” …

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“Can I Save My Marriage?”

A reader writes in, initially quoting me: “He has not shown up as a man. And escaping into another woman is not going to solve what created his current relationship problems.I know, because I spent the first couple of years with my wife in the same sort of situation.” My question is this, did you …

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Why Funny Guys Don’t Get Laid

Was talking to a client last about a girl he’s been seeing. He was telling me how they were going on dates, holding hands, kissing. He’d tell her stories, tease her. She’d laugh. All good, right? But, when it came time for sex, she had to stop… because the realization hit her that “I’m still …

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