Resentment Is A Frame Trap

This past Saturday was just “one of those days.” My wife and I had a wedding to go to in Eastern Connecticut, and had an early 7AM train we needed to get on to make it. We were running close to the wire when we entered the station, but fortunately we saw the track next …

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How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits

Like many other men, I have struggled with destructive habits. I have consumed on a regular basis excessive alcohol, disgusting pornography, mind-numbing television, and emotionally-triggering (and unenlightening) news. I have pursued immature, dramatic women, surrounded myself with negative, stagnant friends, and avoided any sort of movement that made me sweat. And I have suffered as a …

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The Truth About Death

THE TRUTH ABOUT DEATH I’ve struggled all week to write this post. I’ve drafted and redrafted it.  I’ve tried to find just the right voice, just the right balance to speak to my emotions, maintain eloquence, and provide some quality content for you guys. But I can’t do it. It’s Friday now, and I’ve given …

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