The Bad Kind of Authenticity

Yesterday we talked about authenticity, and how many are just play-acting the trait. But even genuine authenticity isn’t the be-all-end all in attraction. Indeed… if it’s not packaged correctly, it can even be a liability. The reason? Authentic people act boring. Now, are they ACTUALLY boring? I don’t know. A lot of people seem boring, …

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How I Know You’re Not Authentic

With the rise of the “personal brand,” everybody’s been talking about authenticity. I’m happy about it, too. Authentic people are more enjoyable to be around, and it’s good for business — authenticity is correlated with the deep work I do with clients. But there’s a trap that many people who want to be “authentic” fall into. …

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Who Needs Game?

The other day I read a long, personal email from Alex Allman, a thought leader when it comes to relationships (and a man I deeply respect). It was revealing on the nature of attraction and took on many topics, among them Pick Up. I won’t go into the full email as I actually found most …

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