The Red Pill

A Bonafide Tinder Slut

A lot of people doom-posting about a viral tweet regarding a girl’s online dating sexual history: Frankly, I understand why. When you see stats like that, it can make you lose hope in being able to find a quality woman. Extrapolate that half year outwards, and you are looking at a girl with hundreds of sexual partners. …

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Why Women Lose Sexual Interest In Their Husbands

A reader writes in (lot of details, buckle up): “Good morning. Though this is embarrassing and shameful to discuss, would you consider addressing why women lose sexual interest in their husbands/partners? I know you don’t work directly with women (I’ve inquired before) but this latest development in my 12-year tumultuous relationship is very disturbing and …

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Four Doors Your Whores

Something very interesting was reported the other day after the Rittenhouse trial. It turned out that the girlfriend of one of the guys Kyle shot (in self-defense) was “sympathetic” to what Kyle was going through and “offered to be there for him if he needed it.” She then, after testifying, passed him her number in …

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