“I worked with Pat on and off for two years over the pandemic. I consider myself lucky to view the last two years as transformative for me in a number of extremely positive ways, which I primarily attribute to the personal growth I achieved with Pat’s help. His deep understanding of male pathologies and the …

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I worked with Pat over the course of two years. I had reached the end of a 15 year chapter in my life and was ready to move forward. I thought I was ready to move into a relationship. I was wrong. So very wrong. As I worked with Pat, my dating life improved. I …

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Giving a wholesale endorsement is something I do not feel comfortable with. Though you should not misunderstand me as meaning that there was something wrong with Pat’s service. Quite the contrary. What I mean is that I feel like I was “supposed” to work with him, for personal reasons I would rather not disclose here. …

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Andrew G

“When I decided to work with Pat I was at the tail end of the year-long period of degeneracy and pleasure-seeking that constituted my early to mid-twenties. Pat was instrumental in steering me in the right direction. During the time I was working with him, I met my would-be wife. I knew very early on …

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Nick P

“For the longest time, I’ve found myself being able to get girls but doing so superficially. I knew I wanted to understand women on a much deeper level and after consuming the majority of his blog, I knew Pat was the real deal. He helped me much more than just understand women but held a …

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Jake V

“Working with Pat was a great experience. Pat has a very good understanding of social dynamics, and has suggestions and insights that go much deeper than the surface – but doesn’t neglect surface-level items either. Working with him, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the right mindset and tools to attract women …

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