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The Trait That Transcends Game

An interesting thread cropped up recently by Aella. For those who don’t know her, Aella is an interesting character, and a testament to how you can succeed in any industry with hard work and intelligence. She’s a “cam girl” — but while pretty, she’s no bombshell. And yet she’s apparently one of the most well paid out there. …

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Sex, Masturbation, And Energy

Short and sweet email today. But want to address a “popular fad” this side of Twitter — not simply no fap, but no ejaculation. First of all, I want to emphasize I think it’s great guys are experimenting with this. It’s healthy to get in touch with your own sexual energy, and learn restraint. However, …

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How To Polarize Women Effectively

Was inspired by a great but ephemeral tweet the other day (user deleted, so presume he does not want me to mention him directly). The basic gist of it though was that he would get girls to follow his profile by saying stuff like: “No college educated girls, community college OK. Also no Italian women …

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Your Cheating Heart

On this show with Tony Bruno we go into cheating. How does it happen, and can a relationship ever come back from it?

Why Pete Davidson Fucks Celebrities

There’s been a lot of chatter recently about comedian Pete Davidson and why he’s been sleeping his way around the celebrity circuit (Kim Kardashian is a recent conquest). I won’t go too much into this, as everything that comes out of “that” world is laundered through PR groups, and tends to have a specific agenda. …

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“I worked with Pat on and off for two years over the pandemic. I consider myself lucky to view the last two years as transformative for me in a number of extremely positive ways, which I primarily attribute to the personal growth I achieved with Pat’s help. His deep understanding of male pathologies and the …

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