Candace Owens had an interesting tweet today I felt important to respond to: And yet this is just scratching the surface isn’t it? Because we haven’t answered the why. Why do women compete against other women in how they present themselves, even when these displays aren’t appealing to men? To answer the question, let’s first take …

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A Bonafide Tinder Slut

A lot of people doom-posting about a viral tweet regarding a girl’s online dating sexual history: Frankly, I understand why. When you see stats like that, it can make you lose hope in being able to find a quality woman. Extrapolate that half year outwards, and you are looking at a girl with hundreds of sexual partners. …

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Getting Divorced Over… Mustard?

Another incredible story from Relationship Reddit: Before we go into this, however, it’s important to address the elephant in the room: Is this story even real? You have to be cautious with anonymous internet posts, as you have no idea if people are actually telling you the truth… or whether they are making it up …

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Interview With FWPlayboy & MPB – Attraction Experts

My interview with @FWPlayboy & @MyPlayboysBunny is LIVE Inside we discuss: – gym pick up – how to manage a rotation – open-ish relationships – Instagram vs # closes – female sex drive & sexuality – money vs game + MUCH MORE LIKE COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAtbMGC3wDU Catch you next time, Pat

How To Stop A Woman From Cheating

Relationship reddit as usual delivered the other day: The funny thing about the modern era is that it has created all these problems when it comes to sex. And then inevitably begins to default back to “archaic” solutions. For instance, adultery wayyy back when used to be punished by death. Later as we became more …

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Interview With Jason Andrews – Persuasion Coach And Hypnotist

My interview with Jason Andrews – Persuasion Coach and Hypnotist is LIVE We cover: – history of hypnosis – political propaganda – NLP and seduction – childhood imprints & how they create anxiety (and how to remove them) – the “master persuader” of the red pill (and why guys should be careful with him) + MUCH MORE …

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Happy Wife, Happy Life?

One of the most infamous and ridiculed expressions in the manosphere is the normie exhortation: “happy wife, happy life.” And it’s ridiculed for good reason. In most contexts, it’s a justification for a man in a relationship to appease his woman at the expense of his self-respect. It is placation. He needs to do everything in …

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