Guys tend to disagree with each other about the quality of women for a very simple reason: the women they experience are completely different.

But the question isn’t that this happens, but why it happens.

Generally it’s a combination of factors. No question, the environment where you are meeting women matters. You are going to get a very different type of woman in say San Francisco than you are likely to get in Prague.

And the same goes within jurisdictions. The girls who tend towards (for example) intramural volleyball aren’t necessarily the same ones who are going to be doing salsa dancing. Nor are the girls on a college campus going to be similar to the yuppies a few years into their big-city career.

But the reality is even if you control for these objective variables, guys will still subjectively have different experiences of women in different places.

The reason?


I’ve written about this before… wayyy back in the beginning of my coaching career.

But there is a piece to this I didn’t mention, or at least explain in detail in that article. And that is that is so much of the women you experience depends on your perception.

Not simply of how you believe women to be like in general. But about what sort of women catch your eye — which ones you notice, and which ones you dedicate energy to.

The fact is, there ARE absolutely terrible, dog shit, obnoxious and unattractive women ALL OVER THE PLACE.

But this is BORING and obvious, so why are you focusing on it?

I don’t put any attention into these women, I don’t even really “notice” them… because what exactly is there to notice?

What I do notice, however, are the women with a certain charm or way that they carry themselves… who have a certain energy… who are interesting.

And because I only really notice these women, my impression of women wouldn’t be negative or scarce were I single and looking to date. Even in the ‘burbs, once every few days there is at least one woman who has something intriguing about her… even if 30+ others her age were completely forgettable.

I hope you’re getting the gist here.

A lot of you are just too focused on the wrong women. You’ve got “manosphere brain,” and you are seeking out confirmation of the reality that most modern women have all sorts of disqualifying traits.

You are not necessarily wrong, but because you are looking for proof of this you not only find it, you fixate on it. Rather than integrating the reality that “yeah, a lot of women suck” yet these women are also extremely boring and not worth even engaging with.

Anyway, enough said.

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