Month: January 2022


“I worked with Pat on and off for two years over the pandemic. I consider myself lucky to view the last two years as transformative for me in a number of extremely positive ways, which I primarily attribute to the personal growth I achieved with Pat’s help. His deep understanding of male pathologies and the …

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How Early Should You Get Married?

An interesting tweet about the differences in marriages came up on the timeline the other day: It’s a poignant observation, though it’s unclear exactly how historically accurate it is if you go way far back. In the 1950s sure, there was a lot of marriage taking place between men and women more or less at the same …

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How Often Should You Be Having Sex?

A very common source of anxiety in this corner is sex. You see single guys constantly bragging about the new girls they “piped.” Others sharing conquest stories that make them look like casanovas (even if these were one-offs). Which seems to put the pressure on guys in relationships to compete. In a community focused around …

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I worked with Pat over the course of two years. I had reached the end of a 15 year chapter in my life and was ready to move forward. I thought I was ready to move into a relationship. I was wrong. So very wrong. As I worked with Pat, my dating life improved. I …

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