Why Effeminate Men Steal Your Girl

Probably one of the biggest refrains in the manosphere is that women are attracted to masculinity, and are looking for masculine guys. Obviously, this is true. But what is also true, yet verboten to discuss, is that women can also be attracted to effeminate guys. Indeed, they are often seduced by them. The struggling artist. …

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The 5 Types of Guys I Work With

The 5 Types of Guys I Work With Unsurprisingly for a dating and relationship coach, I’m frequently asked “what sort of stuff do you work on with clients?” To my embarrassment, I am usually pretty poor at answering this question. In most professions these days, you are essentially a specialist. And this is no different …

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A Bonafide Tinder Slut

A lot of people doom-posting about a viral tweet regarding a girl’s online dating sexual history: Frankly, I understand why. When you see stats like that, it can make you lose hope in being able to find a quality woman. Extrapolate that half year outwards, and you are looking at a girl with hundreds of sexual partners. …

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