Got a question from one of my clients a few weeks back about something funny.

You see, on a date with a girl he got an erection… and he was worried she would respond poorly if she saw it.

Would she think he was some sort of creepy guy?

It’s a good question.Because the answer is, it depends.

If you’re creating attraction, creating tension, moving the interaction towards a romantic frame…

Then OF COURSE it’s not an issue. Advanced guys may even get a woman to touch it.

You are dating to create and share this sort of arousal, aren’t you?

But if you’re not creating much attraction, and not moving the interaction forward…

If you’re being timid, and keeping the date platonic…

Then that erection is indeed going to be creepy.

Because now it is emerging in the context of you wanting the girl but you’re too much of a PUSSY to create a) the mutual desire in her and b) to express it overtly.Instead you’re hanging out with her, pretending to be a “nice guy” while you’re harboring secret fantasies.

Not so hot for her.

The lesson here?

Don’t hide your desire. NO, I don’t mean that you just tell her within the first 10 minutes “hey I’ve got an erection.” There is a tactical aspect to this, a need to “pace” her own desire.

But the point is that if you feel that energy in you, don’t be ashamed of it.

CHANNEL IT within your interaction so she can feel your sexual energy and desire.

Sexual shame is the “secret” to having a bad love life. It will make it harder for you to attract women, and very very difficult to have a great relationship with the women you do attract.

It is a recipe for REPRESSION in your relationships.

But I know a lot of you grew up with shame around your sexual energy.

It’s rampant today… I know, I went through the same thing.

Which is why one of the many things I do with my clients is get them more in touch with that part of themselves.

More comfortable and more accepting of this visceral part of their masculinity.

And more able to USE IT to attract women.

Just know if you want to transform your relationship in this area… I know how to do it, but know you HAVE to be vulnerable and honest with me if it’s going to happen.

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– Pat