Every now and then I’ll run into something that fascinates me.

These are guys with all of their shit together.

Know the importance of taking action in business, health…

And yet.. when it comes time to their love life?

Something tragic happens to them… for instance, they just got cheated on.

And so they vent, looking for sympathy and commiseration…

But won’t take action… especially with someone who knows their problem both personally and professionally… and how to solve it.

So allow me to be direct:

If this happened to you, you need to attack the issue NOW with someone who understands it front to back.

Someone who can do the deep work, and help you to heal from the trauma (cheating is *always* traumatic).

And someone who can also show you where things went wrong in the relationship to make sure it never happens again.

Someone, I dunno, like me.

A bold pitch?

Yes, and a true one.

Some facts:

There are a lot of coaches who are good at going deep into your mind, helping you to see blindspots and heal pain points.

And, there are a lot of coaches who can teach you how to improve with women.

(these are rarely women, btw — while they have their own distinct, valuable perspective… it’s tough for women to relate to and fully understand the male experience, which affects their advice — likewise the other way around)

But a coach who can do both?


Two clients told me the other day (I paraphrase):

“It’s only been a month but I feel like a completely different person”

“I don’t know what you did to me, but I don’t have the insecurities I had when I came to work with you”

So if you’re in emotional pain, and are getting in your own way…

And if you want to know how to move forward and get a great relationship with a girl…

Fill out an application: www.patstedman.com/application

If we’re a good fit, and you show up…

We’ll change your life.

– Pat