So as some of you might remember from Twatter, I had a very special email planned for Saturday, and then later Sunday.

Well I didn’t send it and sorry for that.

Better late than never though, right?

Anyway, the email.

It was based on a the following Tweet I made regarding some of the prime female characters in the admissions scandal, Lori Loughlin and her daughters.

Take a good hard look at each of their eyes, especially the mother.

What do you see?


A flat effect. Like someone has had the soul sucked out of them.

You’ve probably heard the story before, that the eyes are the gateway to the soul.

And that’s cause they are.

You can tell a lot about someone based on their eyes.

Enthusiasm, nihilism, intelligence, character… you name it, it’s expressed in the eyes and the creases around them.

Look at Lori for a minute.

It’s like any real happiness has been sucked out of her. She’s covering for some deep pain inside of her.

In fact, it’s been covered so much she almost doesn’t seem to feel pain anymore.

When I see this look, I see someone who has made a faustian bargain.

Someone who has sold her soul a long time ago.

Now, I know this isn’t the first time people have noticed this look.

It’s got a common term in ‘the sphere.’

The “thousand cock stare.”

But I don’t actually think this description is all that accurate. Girls who are extremely promiscuous DO get that look… but emotionless sex is just one vehicle to it.

The better way to look at it is a face of bad choices.

Of dissociation.

It’s the face someone gets if they do terrible things to themselves and others, and the only way they can go through life is to compartmentalize it.

So the moral of the story friends:

If you see dead eyes, run.

Man or woman.

Because such people only exist for themselves… or some evil beyond themselves.

Serial killers have the same face.

(See Ted Bundy below)

Don’t associate with them. Don’t let them into your life.

Instead, look for people who emanate a light within them.



And if you can’t find these women?

Well friends, it’s because your discernment isn’t so good… because they’re everywhere.

Which means… it’s time to pony up, and start working with me.

Because aside from the deep work, game / tactics, and lifestyle engineering I do with my clients, I do something else very rare and very special…

I teach them how to discern women who are good at heart.

Women who have love within them (even if they need a little coaxing to bring it out)

Important stuff… since it’s the difference between surrounding yourself with good or evil.

(Which is the difference between a great life, and a terrible one)

Apply here:

– Pat