Today’s email comes based on a tweet by the great artist Delacroix (not the dead guy, his Twitter protege @OfTheDelacroix)


The girls I’ve talked to on the phone.

I’ve met.

The girls I didn’t.


Hmmm….I wonder why, more investment perhaps?


Well my dear Delacroix, investment is part of it, but there’s something more.

First, Delacroix didn’t get my texting book, Tackling Texting. So his texting probably sucks.

(Half kidding, but seriously buy the f*ing book if you want to be a top 10% texter)

Second, main reason is something your modern man won’t understand too much.

But jumping on the phone and calling a woman shows EXTREME amounts of confidence… and most importantly of all… makes you stand out.

Understand, texting is the standard way to go these days.

(Which is why you should do it well)

But jumping on a quick 5-15 minute call with a girl is a great way to get her to feel your energy… and to get her to feel comfortable with you.

Note you don’t want to make these calls long.

(I recommend talking to her like you already know her, be casual)

The whole thing, whether texting or calling, is to stand out and build anticipation.

Calls do both wonderfully in an era where guys are too afraid to even approach.

But there’s a caveat in case you want to try such an unconventional styles.

With risk might come greater reward… but also greater risk.

If you jump on the phone, and you’re not confident, charming, normal (aka if you’re nervous, making crappy small talk, boring her)

You just killed your date.

So make sure you get that together first.

Learn how to talk to women. And if you want to stop thinking so much about all this stuff?

Get right with yourself.

It sounds cheesy and almost self-defeating for me, since I should be telling you that you guys don’t know shit about women and will never get a girl (unless of course you ask me, lol).

But the truth is that you don’t need to everything about women to do well.

You’ll do BETTER the more you know, and you’ll have more OPTIONS.

But what’s necessary for a guy to have a great relationship with a woman, more than anything else, is being right with himself.

And if you’re not right with yourself.

Well, you can learn to get laid…

But you won’t learn how to get love.

And my friends, there just aren’t any shortcuts to this.

If your headspace isn’t right, your love-life won’t be either.

Which is why I dedicate enormous amounts of focus to this area with my clients.

On our first call, we spend HOURS sorting out your mind.

And in my 4 years of doing this professionally, I’ve *never* had a client who didn’t benefit big time.

Which is why I ain’t cheap.

This is work that will heal your emotional wounds, illuminate self-sabotaging beliefs, and kill self-esteem issues that have been around perhaps for decades.

Apply here if you’re tired of being in pain:

– Pat