I’ve decided to make this a multi-part email, since there’s just too much to get into and keep it concise.

So to start this sucker out…

I want to address something that got a lot of disagreement around these parts a few weeks ago…

Something that a lot of guys might find a hard time accepting…

But, is at the root of their main problems with choosing a woman.

Now, I know on the surface it will seemingly contradict some thing I’ve said before.

And might even defy common sense.

But the problem is simple.

You’re letting women choose you, not vice versa.

Most guys experience this problem on a certain level.

Above average guys get pursued by average girls. Average guys get pursued by below average girls.

And said guys tend to accept such women when they don’t know their value.

(Most women “decide” to get a guy, and by running effective Girl Game on guys who don’t have much sense of their own value, get said guy. A girl who adores you and wants sex all the time will convert most guys… unfortunately for them, this tends to end within a year or less…)

So, understand this is a common phenomenon that applies to most men at least at one point in their life, assuming they have something to offer women.

But it becomes most interesting when the women start to become not simply attractive… but young and gorgeous.

It’s an experience guys who have achieved much success understand very well… but is inconceivable for most.

It’s the quintessential “high quality” problem.

Now, many “rags to riches” guys (in the case of sex even more than money) tend to think this is a good thing.

The definition of the good life.

Beautiful women all around you who want to give you sex and their femininity?

What’s to complain about?

Well, nothing… if all you want is to have sex with a bunch of beautiful women without any effort.

(Though note: many rich guys get captured by such women, so proceed with caution)

But if you want something more?

You’re going to have to do something inconceivable…Something that your average internet alpha would say is “beta”…

You’re going to have to start rejecting women who pursue you.

Start turning down sex.

And start actively pursuing women, ignoring the low hanging fruit around you.

The reason being?

All the things that indicate your status and value work in your favor for quantity… but against you for quality.

The truth is this gentlemen:

The women you want to end up with might express their feelings for you.

But they’ll NEVER chase you.

Because these women want to feel like a woman — which means being pursued — and have enough self-respect that they’d rather not have a desirable man, than demean themselves chasing him.

Now, understand something very clear.

This is NOT the same thing as a woman thinking she’s “better” than a man.

It’s not the modern feminist with out of control fake self-perceived SMV bs

It’s a girl who simply wants her man to desire her.

To value her.

And to show it by taking the action.


These women are quality for a simple reason: They desire you, and yet won’t chase you.

They won’t demean themselves.

And they won’t try to sleep with you to get your attention.

But if you pursue them…

Well, they might put up some resistance… just for fun… and to make sure you REALLY want it…But they’re not playing games.

They want you as much as any other girl

But they only deserve you and the life you bring them because they were willing to let it slip through their fingers, since they respected themselves enough.


More later.

If you want to discern such marriage-material women, work with me: www.patstedman.com/application

– Pat