July 2018

Why Opposites Attract

A common adage in the dating scene is “opposites attract, but they don’t stay together” There’s a lot of truth to this expression. “Opposite” personalities are generally incompatible… they interact with the world in different ways. So while relationships are possible, they aren’t natural. And yet, such people often get together. What gives? Nothing too crazy, …

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Relationship Fights… Are Amazing?

One of the interesting things about relationships are the little habits and patterns people establish over time.Inside jokes, rituals — things that may “kill” the honeymoon phase of novelty, but over time become a source of comfort and grounding. Unfortunately, most develop “bad” habits too — cycles that lead to fights and hurt feelings. I …

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Why Your Relationship Sucks

Gonna cut right to the point today, since it’s already late in the day (things have been crazy around here, was up to 5AM last night with work). It seems that like many things, relationships have taken a turn towards extremes. Many people can’t even have a relationship, the experience is so bad. Most who …

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