It’s no shock to people that I enjoy my drink. Alcohol is fun, though truth be told its the culture around it I love.

(Why 95%+ of what I drink is wine, unless I am in Poland or Mexico, when it’s vodka or tequila shots respectively)

And so, I’ve had my share of “hangovers” and bad mornings after when things are inevitably overdone.

But here’s the thing.

It’s not consistent.

If have done maybe a few vodka shots out east, but the alcohol is of dubious quality, I feel like shit not only the morning after but the night of.

I feel like I get “drunk” very quickly.

Meanwhile if the vodka is pure, I can do more without flinching.And when I wake up in the morning, feel strangely OK (if a little stupid).

(Example: I picked high quality — though not expensive — vodka for my wedding, after some blind tastings and research. A friend did 43 shots… no hangover)

Note I’m not recommending any of this. I’ve cut back a lot recently because the cycle gets a bit tiring. It’s also unhealthy, unequivocally. You don’t need my disclaimer to know these things.

But my controversial opinion is that a significant amount of what makes us feel woozy and damages our body is not alcohol.

It’s the shit in the alcohol. Impurities, sugar — these things all back up the Liver.

I know this sounds crazy. Maybe even a rationalization for drinking itself.

But hangovers are a sign you’ve been poisoned.

And I don’t think you can compartmentalize these physiological effects on your body like they aren’t a reflection of damage done.

If you have a hangover, you treated your body BADLY.

Ergo, it means something that triple distilled vodka (the standard, not impressive) gives me a hangover and six times distilled does not… even if I have more of it.

(This is the same for wine, btw. The higher the wine is in sulphur, the less organic it is, the worse the reaction. Hence “wine headache.” Pay attention and you can feel the hangover occurring in real time.)

Anyway, what does this have to do with women?

Not much. Just came to these conclusions at dinner last night, and wanted to share them.

But, I think there are parallels.

Like in the process of choosing women… even just for flings.

Let’s say you find a woman very attractive and want to hook up with her.

All good. Makes sense.

And yet, what else comes with that hook up?

What kind of drama? Some girls will make a big deal out of it, and if you know the same people, might complicate your social life with their intrigue.

You thought you were having a fun night, but instead you have an annoying week.

My perspective is these girls just aren’t worth “the hangover.”

And yet… they’re everywhere, lying in wait to leech your time and energy.

Fortunately, screening out these “toxic” ladies is a strong suit of mine.

If you need help reading for such girls, go here:

– Pat