In passing, yesterday we mentioned “gamer chicks” and how guys need to dominate that domain to get girls, seeing how few of them there are.

But there’s another aspect to this I want to explore, so you can become more aware.

Specifically, that of “thot market” — and where it allocates thots.

Some of this may not warm your cockles, but we talk about truth around here, so strap in.

Women are on the lookout for two things, preselection-speaking:

Good looks
High status (top of dominance hierarchy)

In the case of the former, wherever such men are they will find suitors. This isn’t fair but this is the way of the world. It’s good to look good.

In the case of the latter, it’s more complicated.

Obviously, most women would prefer to be with successful athletes men (they have the benefit of invariably looking good).

Also obviously, there aren’t many of these to go around.

And… how should we put it… the competition is fierce.

(why so many women try to get pregnant by such men — sure, some do it only for the money but most see the child support as a stick — they want the man, the rest is consolation)

Ergo, many women — particularly of the average aesthetic — will elect to avoid the rat race and find a new dominance hierarchy to, well, dominate.

Gamer girls are one such cohort.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with this.

Most of the time it’s unconscious frankly — but either way, it’s smart.

You have a bunch of talented guys who are don’t have a lot of girls.

Ergo, a big market advantage for girls who are willing to jump to a “less sexy” niche. Indeed: being an above-average girl in such a category can net you one of the biggest fish in the pond.

But, it’s not just women who do this.

Men do it too.

Or at least — should.

For instance, I don’t know Alexander Cortes’ dating life, though I’m certain it’s excellent. He’s a ridiculously confident, masculine, very good-looking, interesting guy who is becoming rapidly quite successful… pretty much has all the boxes checked.

And I DON’T know if he dates the ballerinas he works with (dancing requires team cohesion and “shitting where you eat” and all)

But he certainly would have an enormous number of options there alone if he did — even if he had few of the other attributes I mentioned above.

Ballerinas are beautiful and feminine, and yet there are very few men who work with them… and even fewer that aren’t gay.

It’s an ENORMOUS market advantage.

Of course, I’m certain no one besides Alex (potentially) reading this is in Ballet.

But dance in general — and of course, yoga — are all great things to learn if you want to meet women.

It’s long-winded way of saying GO WHERE THE WOMEN ARE, particularly if there are not a lot of men.

Invest in uncapitalized markets, and ye shall profit…

And if you want “investment” advice from a certified professional, who’s cashed out big time?

You know where to go:

– Pat

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