We talked about nerds yesterday, and we’re going to talk some more about them today.

I’ll cut to the chase:

Some nerds have an advantage with seduction over others.

I just need to be honest.

The nerds that do best with women are ones that are curious about all topics under the sun.

Generalists just do better with seduction and creating leads.

If you know a little about this or that you can bullshit and make connections with the vast majority of women. There are always directions you can take the conversation, and ways to relate.

It’s why I encourage people to be curious and observant about the world:
it just allows you to connect with so many more women.

But I understand, this is not all people — indeed, not even all “nerds.”

(It’s really only natural to extroverted intuitives, though all types have potential)

Some nerds just like to specialize.

One client of mine was an advanced mountaineer and bridge player.

Most of his life revolved around these activities.

He was as big of a specialist nerd as you could be.

What did it mean for him?

Well, it certainly limited his pool. He cared about these two things and not much else, and wanted a girl who would care about them too.

A general-use seducer, he was not.

But it left him a window of massive opportunity.

His pool was smaller, but he had a natural ability to dominante it.

Indeed: it was telling that when we talked, two of his past girlfriends had been bridge players.

His preselection in this domain was MASSIVE.

So, less possibilities, more capitalization.

The only problem is for some nerds, this pool can be quite small.

(see the “gamer girl” fetish, talk about a market advantage… something we’ll deconstruct next)

The moral of the story?

If you’re going to be specialist nerd, be good at it.

Nothing is more hopeless romantically than a video gamer who ain’t special at games.

Your options might be limited, but at least you can take them…

And to strategize how, work with me: www.patstedman.com/application

No opportunity escapes my notice…

– Pat

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