Yesterday we mentioned how both Biological and Psychological attraction have a Persona element to them.

I’m going to explain why this makes sense… and why it matters.

To take a step back:

You can look at Status/Wealth/Looks (Preselection, Biological) and Type/Values/Growth (Personality, Psychological) as being relatively concrete things.

Persona, on the other hand, is more of an amplifier.

On the biological end, it’s being assertive, flirty — at the core, MASCULINE. On the psychological end, it’s being intuitive, inquisitive — at the core, MATURE.

It is supposed to express (or pretend to express) the concrete via behavior.

For instance:masculinity is the behavior a woman would like from a guy worth mating with.maturity is the behavior a woman would like from a guy worth bonding with.

(Note I don’t mean bonding in a superficial “comfort” sense, rather something deeper — he’s a guy who “gets” her)

To distill: one fulfills the body, the other the soul.

So a healthy persona for a guy would be one interested in leading but also understanding. He’d be cocky about his charm and curious within his questions.

In response, she’d feel both sexually attracted and psychologically transfixed.

“Who is this guy?”

Now, what’s the catch?

Persona must be grounded in its respective core in order to “work” longterm.

For instance, a cocky guy who doesn’t have much to be cocky about will fool some women some of the time, but longterm girls will see he’s a paper tiger and split. Similarly, a thoughtful guy who isn’t particularly mature might drawn a woman in through his questions / cold reading, but will ultimately turn her off by his lack of stability.

Dissonance ALWAYS kills attraction longterm.

So make sure that you don’t build your persona too far past your personality and preselection.

Or that pillar will more or less crumble.

Anyway, new topics coming tomorrow.

(we’ll talk more practical stuff for a change)

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– Pat