I was on a call with one of my clients the other day discussing “Girl Game” and the ways to protect yourself from it.

We went over a range of topics, so I won’t go into them all (some are proprietary, after all)… 

But one thing that came up in the conversation, that’s important for you guys to know is the difference between biological and psychological attraction.

Biological attraction in its purest sense is your looks, followed by your wealth / status (power), and thereafter by your masculinity / social skills.

(Why are all these things “biological”? Because they are all meta traits that determine your sexual value.)

Psychological attraction, on the other hand, is more esoteric. Particular. Personal. It is your personality / values, your level of “consciousness,” and your ability to read people.

Some of you may have grown up valuing one of these more than the other. Generally, the biological is more favored; the psychological only becomes important if it is lacking (why those “born rich and beautiful” are generally vapid).

But whether you think “it’s all about appearance” or “it’s what inside that counts,” you’re equally wrong.

BOTH matter.

Biological attraction attracts you to someone initially, keeps you reminded of “Sexual Marketplace Value”, especially compared to others.

It is mostly marketing (Preselection), with a touch of sales.

Psychological attraction connects you deeper to someone and serves a real store of value in your life (in large part by meeting emotional needs).

It is mostly product (Personality), also with a touch of sales.

And you need both for a relationship to really excel.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the sales (Persona) portion of these and why they matter.

For now, here’s a link to work with me: www.patstedman.com/application

To my clients, no topic is off-limits…

– Pat