In yesterday’s email, I talked about the dangers of Girl Game. Since then some guys have chimed in my Dynamic Men group.


One thought that came up, and one I mostly concur with, is that the “elite” of girls in the looks category (aka “9s and 10s”) rarely possess solid girl game.

This is true.

The fact is, they just don’t need it to get chosen.

Guys are so willing to fall over them for their looks, all they need is a selfie “getting ready to see some friends <3” with their ass or tits protruding to get a bunch of thirsty losers to send attention their way.

These women have what you might call highly developed “preselection” (looks) while weak Persona (game).

(and probably shit personality too, but let’s set that aside for now)

To be fair, though it “looks” differently, this isn’t so uncommon with guys either.

Most who have a good Personality (product) tend to use either Persona (sales) **OR** Preselection (marketing) to drive “traffic” to themselves — not both.

And the few guys who usually have great games and looks?

Well, they tend to have a very shitty, repressed personality (product).

These latter are the “corporate America” of dating options, high-budget promotional enterprises pushing mostly shit.

But nevertheless, when it comes to attraction, two pillars is usually enough to “seal the deal;” especially when it comes to the short term.

(Read: The Three Pillars of Attraction)

Long-term, however?

Let’s just say things get old. I’ll give you some examples among women:

A hot, feminine girl with a volatile *or* bland personality (Personality): These girls are the “crazy” or “perfect” ones (depending on how their personality is weak), who you enjoy at first due to the drama or stability but who wear (in different ways) on a man’s soul.

A hot girl with a solid personality, but lacking femininity (Persona): These girls are a recipe for the modern “average” relationship that lacks its spark.

A feminine girl with a solid personality but not-so-great looks (Preselection): These girls are sweet and dynamic but hard to appreciate due to a wandering eye and a man’s resentment at “buying low,” and the consequent perception of how other men view him.

(***NOTE: Look preferences and how guys are judged on them are somewhat relative to class/environment, so calibrate accordingly***)

This “two pillar” strategy is common; you might go so far as to call it the “average” approach to attraction, with people falling into one of these three possible pairings.

As for the rest?

Those who are “one pillar” rarely get into relationships or stay in them for long since their value proposition is shit.

Meanwhile, the “three pillar” ones have relationships you can only look at with envy.

Anyway, enough for now. If you want to explore this at length, buy my masterclass here. I spend hours covering it.

– Pat

PS The only thing I can’t help you with is your preselection: for help in looks and status there are other men to seek.