Yesterday I put out a brief thread on looks and game; I’m going to expand on that here.

What prompted me to dive into this topic was a “traditional” girl account I’d seen around before, but recently came into my feed again.

The girl is genuinely quite attractive, and interestingly for twitter dot com, not in a “thot” way. She presents herself as someone who cares about family and appearance but is romantic, loyal, submissive… in other words, the kind of girl you want to marry, not simply fuck.

“Whoa Pat, you’re giving her a lot of credit! You catching feels?”

Nope, but it’s a reasonable misunderstanding given that my radar on a girl’s game is tipped off based on how I feel myself reacting to them. And this girl was a pro.

She genuinely created emotions in me to want to “go out and take care of her.” Even as a married man, a fantasy briefly popped into my mind about what a “catch” she would be… and how we would be together.

I emphasize the word briefly because it took less than 5 seconds for the mirage to pass and for me to laugh.

I know girl game well.

(Read: Girl Game)

I once dated a master of it, one even this girl couldn’t hold a candle to.

Good girl game is nuclear stuff.

Even mediocre versions of it trap nearly all average guys in their hooks.
The best can (and have) made full-blown players lose their minds.

And the strangest thing about it?

Nobody talks about it.

The “manosphere” is all about attracting girls, and what girls are like. But nothing about what girls do to attract guys.

Ludicrous if you ask me.

Offense might be more important than defense, but if you don’t know how to protect yourself you can get manipulated right under your nose.

A good looking girl who knows how to make a guy feel special is a dangerous thing.

But not a bad one.

You see, one idea I’ve had for awhile but have neglected to develop further is the idea that masculinity is actually just a strategic form of game.

Strategic as in, it is a general way of living that attracts women sexually and romantically, vs a tactical one of trying to do a specific act in a moment to get the same situational result.

Girl game is similar, but on the other side.

It’s female Persona. And it’s a good thing, as it makes you DESIRE a girl.

(Guys who claim they want feminine women really want a girl who has good game, so reconcile this dissonance against being at least somewhat “played”)

The problem with such women isn’t the game, but when the game – aka the Persona – is mistaken Personality.

Poor discernment that has led to many a heartbreak.

(Including many failed relationships, when people jump to “greener pastures” that are actually quite barren)

Anyway point is to know when you’re feeling your ego and masculinity spike due to a girl’s behavior, enjoy it, but realize you’re being played… and look deeper if you want anything serious.

(Note: Get my course, which talks about discernment at length)

The attraction between two personalities is more subconscious and devoid of ego.

And this is the attraction that is more enduring.

Don’t get me wrong, both together are best.

But we’ll talk about that another time.

– Pat

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