Nabeel Azeez — the marketing savant who runs drop-kick copy — tweeted out a quote today I had totally forgotten, but got the gears in my mind turning. It was a comment Mike Cernovich made to Roosh V a few years before his big ascent into media stardom: “I’ve got to get out of the manosphere ghetto.”

Most know Mike today due to his rabble rousing political commentary; many “newbies” don’t realize his former site, Danger and Play, was not so long ago the source of some of the most insightful content on the internet.

But anyone who’s read through his site knows Mike didn’t start out that way.

Mike used to be a pretty bitter guy. Read his post-divorce material from 2011 and 2012 and you will feel your psyche jarred. The energy was that of a man abused, filled with anger. Gradually, though, Mike healed. By 2013 this attitude was gone, replaced by deep wisdom and perspective. By 2015 his site was *the* place for physical and philosophical men.

Truth be told, I miss it, as I can’t follow the outrage journalism which is part-and-parcel with his new trajectory. But no judgment — I know he sees his purpose. Though we walk different paths now, I’m grateful he paved the way.

Anyway, I’m rambling. My point is that Mike, who’s a step above most of us in integration, called this truth out early.

The manosphere is a ghetto.

I remember he posted at one point he was “done talking about women” on his site because it attracted bitter losers. I thought at the time that was harsh — and I obviously still don’t agree — but I viscerally get where he was coming from now.

Most guys in the manosphere are there for one and only one reason: to bitch about women.

This is the dirty little secret no one wants to talk about.

They claim this whining is “self-improvement” or becoming “red pilled.”

And to be fair, for some anger is a necessary part of the process.

But for most, resentment is not a phase; rather the raison d’être.

They are not their to grow, they are there to congregate around other people who share their toxic energy.

It’s like Tumblr for SJWs; “the hood” for too many African-Americans… except here, for “straight bros.”

Challenge their caustic comments, try to get out… be prepared to be called an “Uncle Tom.”

The point?

I guess it’s this one:

Pay very close attention to the energy of people you surround yourself with.

This isn’t some “woo woo” bullshit; people emanate different “frequencies.”

Some are intense, some are angry, some are calm, some are enthusiastic, some are negative…Becoming aware of this matters. A lot.

Your growth as a person has little to do with intellectual insights, and almost everything to do with changing your frequency.

People care too much about surrounding themselves with others who share the same views, and not enough about this.

Which is why they become stuck in their respective ghettos.

And, incidentally, why they feel like shit.


Get away from people who *feel* the way you don’t want to feel.

Treat them like diseased individuals you must quarantine yourself from, lest you become infected.

Because that’s exactly how this stuff works.

Which brings us to the pitch…

If you like my frequency, and you are looking to change some shit in your life around, consider working with me.

It is arguably the biggest benefit of the whole process, because the more we talk, the more my energy — my frame — transfers over to you.

And since I work under retainer with you for 3 months, without “watching the clock,” we talk quite a bit.

One client signed up last week alone, another has placed a down-payment on coaching for next month… and I wasn’t even posting anything.

Supply and demand, and I only have so much time…

Get in while the getting is good.

– Pat

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