People have a tough time with nuance, so let’s get something out of the way before I begin this exploration of psychology:

Just because I believe psychological attraction exists, I do not deny the biological motivations of women.

In fact, I consider biology the deepest, most fundamental level of thinking in the brain. It is in many ways akin to the skeleton of attraction: don’t address it, you’re going to upset a woman’s subconscious, which is going to lead to all sorts of problems with her feelings for you.

Cognitive dissonance — manifested through problems and drama — will become the norm.

But I’ve tried, and explaining female behavior simply through their biology doesn’t work. There are too many exceptions and too many alternatively plausible explanations for how they act. To write these off as ipso facto rationalizations of the hindbrain, to put it bluntly, is intellectually weesh.

One of the biggest failings I see on this front is the emphasis placed on the infamous SMV curve.

You’ve probably seen it before. A woman’s stock rises rapidly from 16 until it peaks around 22-24. Then it declines, picking up speed as a woman hits “the wall” around 28-30.

Men, meanwhile, have a much slower rise, and don’t start to surpass women in their age cohort until 28. They peak around 32-34, gradually declining throughout his late 30s, 40s, even 50s.

As the saying goes, men age like wine, women like milk.

I actually don’t dispute the biological merits of this graph — though like wine, some men don’t age all that well, and this is frequently glossed over. The “slow decline” of a male after his mid-30s is more a *potential* trajectory rather than the normal one. The “more favorable” comparisons of 40 year old men in the sexual market to 28 year old ones are particularly absurd for all but a handful.

But the SMV graph has a major problem: attractive men — including those “get it” — don’t seem to adhere to it, certainly not completely.

Now, many say this has to do with the fact that men are brainwashed into a feminine state of mind. But while I won’t dispute the “do the right thing” narrative plays a part, these guys aren’t schlubs. Many of them are even banging younger women… yet they don’t choose them for anything serious.

If you look at this biologically, this is illogical. But these men aren’t acting from idealization — they are acting rationally from a position of optionsThey dated a bunch of different girls and chose the older one to get serious with.

The reason may seem counter-intuitive, but is in fact quite clear and simple.

Younger women are not psychologically developed, and therefore simple-minded and unattractive to spend time with.

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This is glaringly obvious if you’ve ever tried to date a woman younger than you. Maturity takes time to develop, and 90% of under 24 year old women are simply intolerable to spend time with.

Most care about stupid things, and even if they don’t they don’t have enough background to be able to talk about interesting things on your level. They don’t really know themselves so they act childish, often unbalanced. Ultimately you find yourself a full head and shoulders above them in life experience — something gratifying to the ego at first, but tedious as time goes on.

In other words, these women are enjoyable to sleep with, but not much more.

This is why while you might seen men with women a decade younger than them, they are rarely if ever anything but transactional if the woman is under 28 at time of marriage. Even in these cases, these women are invariably mature for their age, hanging out with people 5-10 years older than them and behaving as such. More often, when men seek younger women for serious relationships, they are in their early 30s (but look good for their age).

In contrast, relationships consisting of a 20 year old with a 40 year old — a theoretical red pill ideal for a man — are incredibly unstable, superficial, and always implode.

We’ll talk about this more soon, including the uses of the red pill in these such relationships. 

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