Yesterday I heard an interesting story.

A colleague of mine has been hooking up with a girl for the past three weeks.

Him and this fine damsel were sleeping together on the regular.

Last night, however, after they had their regular “rendezvous,” he asked her if she wanted to stick around and watch a Woody Allen movie with him.

An innocuous invitation.

Required no extra labor. Minimal commitment.

Yet her response?


“Too intimate.”

Now, to understand the background, this guy is a true player.

*Maybe* she was doing this to protect herself.

But the thing is, I’m hearing stories like these a lot.

Another guy chimed in that he had had sex with a girl in a bathroom during a party recently. But when he invited her over after, she replied with full propriety “I don’t go home with boys.”

You can imagine his face.

Something’s going on in 2017… and I can tell you as someone who played the field plenty not even 5 years ago, culture is changing.

And people are becoming *very* confused.

Women will let you do all sorts of things to their bodies, but call them on the phone and you’re “getting too serious.”

For better or for worse, this is becoming the new normal.

The time to “arm” yourselves with the tools to navigate this environment have never been more essential.

Which is why my book, Tackling Texting, couldn’t have been released at a better time.

Women are increasingly hesitant about putting themselves out there emotionally. Texting (whether its a number you got in the “real world” or a profile on Tinder) is now the go-to way to attract them. If you lack expertise in this area you’ll flounder.

Tackling Texting covers a whole range of topics, including in the detail the beginning to end of a text interaction.

But, more importantly (and rarely seen elsewhere), it goes *deep* into the psychology behind a text interaction, so you can navigate it like a pro.

It’s not a “get chicks quick scheme.” There are no canned lines that do not work as advertised, or at best have a shelf life of a few months.

Just a deep-dive into the mindsets to have and actions to execute if you want to take a girl from a number in your phone to a lady in your life.

It’s only $4.99

So stop wasting time and jump in:

– Pat

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