Month: January 2016

Love Is Not The Most Important Thing

TRUST IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LOVE You’ll often hear a lot of relationship experts and coaches talk about love in glowing terms. “Love is everything.”
 “Spread love everywhere.” “Love yourself.” “There’s so much love here.” And I agree. Love is a beautiful thing. But when it comes to relationships, love – while necessary – plays …

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The Truth About Your Looks

DO LOOKS MATTER? THE UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH If there’s one thing people hate talking about, it’s looks. And I get why. Looks are superficial. Physical attractiveness is subjective. And as a society we already assign far too much value to how people appear, and not enough to who they are. Why talk about it more? Why ask …

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Why Smart People Are Stupid

WHY SMART PEOPLE ARE STUPID (FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS) Have you noticed something about a lot of smart people? They’ve gone to good schools… They’ve studied challenging subjects… They’ve gotten good grades… They keep up-to-date with the world… They are extraordinarily knowledgable, overflowing with facts and data… They are even usually very eloquent… Yet talk to …

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