“When I decided to work with Pat I was at the tail end of the year-long period of degeneracy and pleasure-seeking that constituted my early to mid-twenties. Pat was instrumental in steering me in the right direction. During the time I was working with him, I met my would-be wife. I knew very early on that I probably would want to marry this girl. In a world where everyone wants you to wait before settling down to get married, Pat was one of the few voices in my life urging me to follow my instinct to go down to Peru and meet this girl I only knew from a few months of WhatsApp and facetime conversations. Fast forward a year and I’m married to an absolute angel with a baby due in November, hoping God gives us a big Catholic family 🙂 Pat has the unique insight to be able to see through the fog of war. I came to view him as a source of light during the election chaos and ensuing oligarchic takeover. He defines skin in the game. A true warrior for truth; he is on the side of God. And there is no higher compliment I can give than that because you know the advice he gives you will be from a place of love (willing the good of the other) and not from pride or insecurity. Most therapists are degenerates, trying to justify their lack of control of their passions and sins via the moral corruption of their clients. Pat is the opposite. Nothing he tells you is from a place of ego or pride. He wants what is best for you, what is truly best for you. I once sent Pat this passage from my favorite novel, The Brothers Karamazov, because it encapsulates him: “And even if you do shine, but see people are not saved even with your light, remain steadfast, and do not doubt the power of the heavenly light; believe if they are not saved now, they will be saved later. And even if they are not saved, their sons will be saved, for your light does not die, even when you are dead. The righteous man departs, but his light remains. Your work is for the whole, your deed is for the future.” I watched this man put his neck on the line over the last year. That, combined with my personal conversations with him, convinced me that this is a man worth following. And there are so few men left worth following. Pat is a soldier of God. I highly recommend working with him.”

Andrew G