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Are You Struggling With Women?

Hey Man.

If you’re here, there’s a good chance your interactions with women aren’t going quite as well as you’d like. Whether it’s approaching, escalating, or simply connecting with women – I know it’s a frustrating and disempowering feeling, and I want to help you to overcome it.

The truth is, though, I’m not surprised.

Your problem makes sense.

Nobody explained to you how women work – and importantly – how they want men to engage with them. Chances are your parents didn’t know and society today is less than helpful. In fact, it’s been a problem – it’s lied about what men and women want – confusing a whole generation of men and women.

You don’t need me to tell you that, of course. You can see it yourself. Maybe you’re struggling a little more than the guys you see, but the truth is most men and women are miserable in their dating lives. They’re winging it – and it’s getting them nowhere they want to be.

There is a silver lining to all this chaos and misery though.

Men that understand and appreciate women have NEVER had it so good.

Never before have there been so many disappointed women… just waiting for a top-tier man to sweep them off their feet.

Guys who know the game have the options and leverage only kings used to have.

Would you like to join their ranks?

Then click below and receive my free report on “What Women Really Want From Men,” or better yet – consider some coaching with me.

It doesn’t matter where you’re at now. The mindsets and ability to read women are completely learnable. All you need to do is take the information and mentorship I provide and apply it.

Are you ready to change your life?

Whether you want your current relationship to be hot, passionate, and loving again… or you want the ability to go out and meet as many high-quality girls as you can fit into your schedule – once you understand how women work you’ll be able to make whatever fantasies you have with them into a reality.

Let’s get started.

What’s Your Biggest Hangup?

Every individual man is unique. The details of your story will almost certainly be different than mine.

Yet in general, men are the same. We share the same troubles – particularly when it comes to women.

Here are some of the common themes I have worked on with men who struggle in dating and relationships.


Approaching Women Scares You

You want to go up and talk to beautiful women, but you’re afraid how they might respond. Rather than risk rejection and social embarrassment you stay silent. You know you’re missing out on opportunities, but you can’t seem to work up the courage to make a move.

depressed sad sick man with tissues in bed at home

You Beat Yourself Up

You’ve got a lot of expectations for yourself. Which is a problem, because whenever things don’t go as planned, there’s a voice in your head telling you that you’re “not good enough” or that you’re “a failure.” You can feel how it affects your confidence but you don’t know how to stop.

Lonely upset or depressed man outdoors

You’re Worried What Girls Think Of You

When you’re talking to a pretty girl you play it safe. You’re terrified of offending her or making her think that you’re an asshole. You want her to think you’re a good, nice guy so she’ll be interested. As a result, you find yourself agreeing with everything she says – whether you do or not.

Shy woman and man sitting on sofa couch next each other. First date. Attractive girl and handsome guy meeting dating and trying to talk.

You Don’t Know What To Say

Whenever you go to talk to a girl, you feel your mind go blank. As a result, you either avoid talking to girls if you can help it… or find yourself in awkward, embarrassing situations when you do. You want to know how to talk to women and get out of your head once and for all.

man fell down from the bicycle and woman help him to collect pro

Women Put Other Men Before You

You’re always there for them, whenever they need you. They tell you how great of a guy you are, and how much they appreciate you… yet they consistently ditch you for “assholes.” You know it’s not fair and you feel like you’re being used, but you don’t know what else to do.

Beautiful topless woman whispering to shirtless man's ear.

It’s Tough Getting Physical

You’re good at connecting with a girl, but you don’t know when to take things physical. You’re afraid of being called a creep, so you don’t make a move. Consequently, the interaction usually dies. You want this to change and to have confidence to know when it’s the right time to act.

Man being rejected by his girlfriend when is proposing marriage

You Get Clingy

You get excited when a girl shows interest in you – so excited that you come on too strong. When she does things without you or doesn’t seem to need you, it makes you anxious or upset. She doesn’t like it and eventually loses interest, but you can’t seem to help yourself.

Man and woman dating in a restaurant terrace but she is boring while he speaks

You Struggle Keeping Her Interested

It’s not difficult to get first dates with girls, but getting them to stick around is a different story – especially the girls you really like. It’s confusing and hurtful to keep getting rejected, and you want it to stop. You want to know why no one’s giving you a second chance.

Does This Sound Like You?

The above are just a sample of some of the struggles I’ve seen men face. Not only have I been through all of these myself, I’ve worked with men on each of them. I know – they’re not fun.

But there’s no reason to feel discouraged.

All of them are correctible.

The only question is, will you take action to correct them?

I know from experience, many are not. They simply aren’t ready to change.

That’s fine if it’s where you are – I only want to work with the men who are hungry anyway.

But I just don’t want you to think your situation is impossible to fix. I guarantee you it is not.

I’ve worked with scores of men by now and have covered the full spectrum of dating and relationship issues. Details may change, but nothing is fundamentally new to me. I’ve worked with middle aged divorcees to handicapped men to your regular, average 20-something. It doesn’t matter their situation. We’ve dived in deep, and all have experienced massive change as a result.

Are you ready to make that happen for yourself?

If you’re scared about sharing with a stranger, don’t worry. I have no judgment towards anything you have done or anything you are going through. Everything is confidential. I know how important that confessional space is and I will never, ever disrespect it.

I just want you to finally live the life you want. It’s what you want too, right? So let’s work towards it together.

Although the big shifts will take months – maybe even a year or two – to fully materialize, progress will be apparent immediately. No, there are no quick fixes in my programs (or in life – those who tell you otherwise are lying), but as your life transforms, you’ll begin to gradually feel improved confidence. And as your momentum grows, you’ll finally start to experience what you’ve always wanted:

Freedom and Control over your life.

If you’re ready to get it, let’s go.

Good dating coaches will talk to you about connecting with people, and how important it is to form genuine connections with women when your game is on. Great dating coaches are the ones who have already made these connections, and not just when their game is on – that is just their personality. Those are the men you want to emulate – men like Patrick. It’s been a pleasure getting to know him over the past few years because he truly sees everyone around him and has a strong desire to connect with as many people as he can. That kind of positive energy is contagious, and just by being around him, you’ll immediately see what I am saying.


One of the things that most guys will tell you, if they were willing to admit it to themselves, is that they would absolutely be willing to settle down into a relationship with a really amazing woman. Think about the girl who got away – maybe she was the head cheerleader. Maybe she was on the cross country team with you, or the girl who was your study date at the coffee shop. Or… maybe she’s the really hot nerd who played Dungeons and Dragons with you in a basement. Don’t lie to yourself – you’re fine without that woman in your life because you have to be, but you’d really love the chance to introduce her to your friends and/or coworkers as “my girlfriend,” or even someday as “my wife.”


Picture that girl, whoever she may be. Imagine her on your arm, wearing a nice dress to some formal event. Imagine a room of men staring at your girl… but also that you are secure in the knowledge that she has eyes only for you. Imagine her laughing at every joke you make, hanging on your every word, and batting her eyelashes at you. Imagine her whispering in your ear, begging you to take her in the bathroom because she can’t wait long enough to get back home for you to ravish her.


Well, Patrick is about to marry his version of that girl. His fiancée is beautiful, and had a ton of options… but chose him, and is moving across the ocean from Europe for him, because he was by far her best option. With all due respect… if you don’t want to learn from a man like that, you’re crazy.”

– Brendan


Don’t Spin Your Wheels. Take Action Today.

You only have one life. And every day that goes by it gets shorter.

How much longer will you be “thinking” about what to do instead of actually doing it? How much longer will you put this off?

Women are one of the most amazing things a man can experience in life. From love to sex, flirting, and companionship – women are like sunshine to a man who gets them.

Why procrastinate? Why settle for mediocre relationships with women, or even worse – no relationships with them at all?

You can do this. But it’s only going to get more difficult the longer you wait.

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“Patrick has an impressive ability to read both people and interpersonal dynamics quickly.  In a brief time, he told me several insightful things about myself and my interactions with girls, including ways to build connections and intrigue quickly that have proven effective for me since.   Even just a little bit of time with Patrick illuminated a lot of valuable insight on my personality and approach that I just couldn’t see myself beforehand!”

– Anonymous