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Stop Spinning Your Wheels

Let me guess.

You’re frustrated. You know you need to do better with women. It’s the number one thing missing in your life.

But you still can’t help but ask yourself:

“Do I really need to take care of this now? Do I really need a coach? Can’t I just figure it out on my own?”

I get it. And to be honest, you’re right.

You don’t need to work with me – or anyone for that matter.

You can do this on your own.

You don’t need coaching. You don’t need help.

Anybody given enough time and determination will figure this stuff out solo.

The question isn’t whether or not you can, it’s whether or not you will.

Here’s the reality:

There are few things over this past decade I’ve thought about more than dating and relationships.

I’ve put myself in all sorts of crazy situations, experimented with countless different techniques and approaches, and delved deep into psychology – including “controversial” but painfully relevant areas. The result has been an encyclopedic and visceral understanding of women… and where men struggle with them.

Are you willing to do that yourself?

You can either reinvent the wheel or learn how to build one from a guy who makes wheels.

It’s up to you.

Accessing my knowledge and experience will be a financial investment.

But it is guaranteed to save you not only effort, but time – the only thing you can never get back.

I’ve worked with guys who had spent a decade studying “pick up material” yet were still getting nowhere.

Didn’t matter how much free material or even products they devoured. Their dating lives were still inconsistent, in many cases even bad.

All it took was one conversation with me to get them on the right track.

Don’t believe it?

I don’t blame you… if you haven’t experienced it. But as someone who has been in the client seat myself and seen a similar “180” flip in results, I know how important mentoring can be.

Not only does coaching “fast track” your knowledge, but it shows you your blindspots… which you can rarely see on your own.

With my guidance and support as you put yourself out there, you’ll experience exponential progress with women.

Are you ready to have the relationships with women you want?

Let’s see which options are best for you.


I got in touch with Pat for a few consulting sessions after reading his blog and following him on Twitter. Right away, this turned out to be a good decision as he attentively listened to my issues while asking the right questions, upon which he correctly diagnosed what the main problems were. He was able to relate and empathize with what I was going through while giving his honest opinion to my problems. The thing I liked most about our conversations was that nothing fazed him and he was able to re-frame tough situations with ease, which created an immediate sense of optimism for improvement. Throughout the consultation process, he was punctual, focused and went above and beyond to help me. He focuses on the client’s need and delivers. I highly recommend Pat to those seeking his advice to improve yourself.

– Atish


Which Coaching Is Right For You?

If you’re not sure exactly what you need, don’t worry. We’ve got a couple of options for you. Some will make more sense than others depending on where you are, what you need, and how big of a commitment you’re ready to make.

It’s all good. We’ll be waiting here for you, ready to help your dating life and relationships transform.

Tactical Improvements

For guys who aren’t getting the consistent results they want with women, but do attract girls occasionally, if not necessarily their ideal girls. This is best suited for men who have some natural success with women but don’t fully understand what they are doing wrong and what they are doing right. This program is three calls geared towards revealing your blindspots, making you more aware of social dynamics, and giving you a “shift” or two in your mindset to kick your romantic life into overdrive. Note: This is *not* an intensive program, men choosing this must be self-motivated.

Strategic Overhaul

For men who have serious hangups when it comes to women. Whether it’s paralysis with approaching, inability to maintain a woman’s attention, a near 100% track record of ending up in the friend-zone, coming across as creepy, crippling self-judgment or something else — this is for men who are tired of spinning their wheels and want their mindset and life to transform. This is *not* for price-shoppers, it is a serious investment. You will receive 3 months of weekly calls, homework with me, and lifetime access. Come prepared to work and challenge yourself.

Tactical Session

For guys who need help in a specific scenario or want to get handled a situation that keeps repeating itself.


  • (1) 1 Hour Coaching Call

Reframing Session

For guys struggling with limiting beliefs who want to stop lying to themselves and understand women on a deeper level.


  • (1) 2-Hour “Deep Dive” Session

3 Month Turnaround

For self-starters with below-average to average success with women who want to take their dating lives to the next level. Start off with a total reframing of how you look at attraction and find out how you’re lying to yourself. Then use me as needed over the next 3 months to guide you through “best practices” and any situations that present themselves.


  • (1) 2-Hour “Deep Dive” Session
  • (3) 1 Hour Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited texting and email access for 3 months


  • If you struggle putting yourself out there this program isn’t for you. You must go out and talk to women regularly if you want this to work. If you need me to push you, see the next program.

6 Month Transformation

For guys who struggle to put themselves out there and need

“Had a chance to work with Pat’s bootcamp this past July. I had been working with Pat with his coaching over the past year and he had definitely been helping me out overcoming my fears and deeply-ingrained negative mindsets in regards to dating (well some of us need a little help here). Anyway, even though I had been doing work on my end, I felt it would be a good idea to do some on- on-one work with Pat as it was.

First of all, as good as it has been doing weekly phone calls with Pat I felt it would definitely help to actually meet my coach in person and also be able to get instant feedback as he observed my actions as I’d go about in my interactions with women in various settings, whether it be meeting women on the street, in book stores, or in bars and dance clubs. I had done such boot camps before and my previous boot camp had also been a valuable use of my time with another coach, and yet I felt that Pat might have an approach that would better fit my needs (I am a naturally introverted guy after all).

At the same time though, I was quite petrified as I knew I’d get pushed into doing things and approaches that are way outside my comfort zone. But I decided I’d try to have an open mind and have a good sense of humor of it all. And yes I was pushed, some of the things I was asked to do (like engaging a girl by asking an absurd question, or giving a sincere compliment) would be things I never would think of doing. Yet at the same time as I’d go into these approaches with the right mindset of having fun, I’d notice that I’d almost always get amazing reactions from the girls that I’d meet. And in so doing, I’d learn something new about myself, and I’d learn that I could do something that I did not think I was capable of doing.

Sure, I’d still be nervous to approach women, but as we moved on through the bootcamp, the terror would be less and the excitement of making an approach and engaging a girl (and asking for her number) would be greater. My fears of a bad experience would be replaced with an excitement and curiosity of just what might possibly happen if I went out of my comfort zone. Also with Pat’s program I was able to get a better idea as to which environments in meeting women I’m really great at (I would have never have thought of myself as someone who could possibly day game).

I left the boot camp with a level of confidence that I didn’t have before, and I’ve noticed that it’s really helped me as I’ve continued forward in my dating and personal development endeavors (I’ve been definitely getting more opportunities to meet and go on dates with quality girls for one thing, which wasn’t really happening before).

That’s the thing with Pat – you’ll find out where your strengths are and where you can do some work on as well. And you’ll learn new things about yourself along the way. You may find yourself getting discouraged at times, but you’ll also learn how to quickly bounce back and get back on your game if you do find yourself going there. And as you work through things, you get a better idea of your potential and you’ll acquire even greater confidence.

I would say I’ve acquired more confidence with women in the past few weeks since I did Pat’s program than I had working on my own ever. Also what I love about Pat’s program is that you learn real social skills (no snake oil, no POS pick-up lines, PUA crap) that will help you develop quality interactions with women, that will set the foundation you need to set the kind of quality relationships with women you no doubt want. So if you are looking to get that boost you may need to get your dating life going or if you want to get better with women, I’d recommend working with Pat.”

(emphasis added)

– Miguel


“I never thought about the technicalities of what held me back in social interactions, but not only did you delve into the technicalities of my issues, you also helped me to understand what they meant within the bigger picture. For a long time I was skeptical of how a call could help my personal life as much as promised, but it did not disappoint!”

– Jake


“Within a year of meeting Pat, I left my job, started my own company, and have drastically improved my sense of self-worth. My confidence to engage beautiful women and maintain quality relationships has gone through the roof. Patrick sincerely wants to make everyone of his clients a better person and unlock there potential.

Life is about making the right investments. Patrick could be your best investment ever.”

– Matt


Pat has a way of bringing out the real answers behind the excuses you first give. He’s got a knack for seeing where the truth is or where he needs to push on a point to unlock the underlying issue for why you’re not quite satisfied with your love life (and maybe social life in general). For me, some of it was a little uncomfortable because he put his finger pretty quickly on some things I’d been avoiding admitting to myself, some of which were complete untruths I’d internalised as parts of my identity without questioning. Exposing them to the light has left me with a lot to think about and a path past them as well. He’s gone through the work to develop himself, understand the difficulty and can put you at ease but even so it’s an uncomfortable process to openly admit something that you’ve been hiding from yourself. He then finds ways to re-frame, work through and move forward. He genuinely wants to help and that’s pretty apparent from even the first few minutes of the call I had with him. I’d highly encourage anyone not getting quite what they want out of their love lives to reach out to him.

– Jake


Who Is Pat Stedman?

And What Can His Coaching Do For Me?

Hi, I’m Pat Stedman, The Dating & Relationship Coach for Men.

I help guys like you to transform their dating lives and relationships from a place of anxiety and helplessness to freedom and control.

For the past 8 years cracking this field has been my passion – first for myself, then for high-character guys I respect and know won’t abuse what I teach.

I love seeing men who feel afraid take control of their lives.

If there’s anything I can do for you, let me know. Dating – including handling multiple women at the same time – is something I have abundant experience with, yet as a married man, I also know exactly what long-term monogamous relationships need to grow and thrive.

I’d love to put that wisdom to work for you.

“Patrick is an insightful, grounded coach who brings a holistic perspective on men and dating—not just about getting the girl, but how to attract women into your life through having confidence, character, and an awesome lifestyle.

How you deal with women is really how you deal with life. Patrick’s advice helped me understand that what I thought was my problem—getting attraction with a particular girl who was on my mind—really was a problem I had created myself. Seeing this gave me a way to work at getting what I really wanted, and in doing so to be more authentic to myself.

He has worked with some of the best men’s coaches in the United States, and his journey in self-development allows him to understand with great intuition the experiences of guys in a range of places: those just starting out, those looking to build the self-confidence to meet more women, and those looking to break through the game and find someone special for a relationship. I recommend him highly for wherever you are on this journey!”

– Anders

New York City

Attract And Keep The Women You Want. Today.

My clients matter to me.

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy – which is why if you’re ever for some strange reason dissatisfied with your service (though I’ve never had a complaint), I’d love to make things right.

But in order for me to make good on that promise, we need to commit to working together in the first place.

And for that to happen I need to see first that you’re not only a man of high character, but that you’re willing to take action.

It’s, sadly, a quality rarer than you think.

I’ve watched men – good, kind-hearted men who struggle with women – put this personal work off for years. Each of them had their own excuse or “story” for why they let their life pass them by. They knew they would benefit from help but they were afraid, and they let that fear rule them. They knew they were stagnating but they were stubborn, and they let their pride waste their time and break their spirit.

They weren’t ready to commit to changing their lives. They looked at everything in terms of scarcity, not abundance.

And eventually the momentum of their choices created for them lives they neither wanted nor enjoyed, yet were forced to accept.

Does that describe you? Or are you someone who won’t settle? Are you someone who takes what’s given to him, or someone who won’t stop until he has the women and relationships with them he wants?

You decide. Truly, you can be whoever you want to be. You can live however you want to live.

Just know: I only work with the latter.

I like winners, not victims.

So if that’s you – or if you’re willing to throw off the shackles of shame and fear and make it become you – jump onboard.

I know together we will make magic happen.