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Hello, and Welcome. I’m Pat Stedman. This is where I help select men to master their relationships with women.

There are a lot of dating coaches out there, so let’s make sure you’re in the right place.

This site is for intelligent, high-character men who want to learn how to attract and keep beautiful, high-quality women.

Can you relate to that mission?

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Your Deepest, Darkest Secret.

Single Men…

You can feel it, even if you can’t explain it.

Something is missing.

Is it her?

Is it that special girl?

She’s on your mind frequently. You wonder when she’s going to show up. You’re tired of being alone. You want her.

But that’s not really true, is it?

You want something more than her; something deeper.

Something she represents…

Freedom. Power. Control.

No doubt, getting a great girl (or a couple of them) would be amazing. But it’s the feeling of helplessness that really hurts.

Why are attractive girls so out of reach?

I’ve been there brother.

I was too afraid to even talk to the girls I wanted to date, let alone be able attract them. I know what it’s like to go to stand at a bar all night, terrified of rejection and what people thought of me.

But who you are now does not need to be who you are tomorrow.

You can change, and transform your entire experience of life as a result.

Let me help you.

I’ve done it with scores of other men. And I’d love for you to be my next success story.

Committed Men…

You can’t forget it. The pain reminds you every day.

The passion is gone.

Was it you?

Was it something you did?

Every day with her has become a drag. You can’t take it. The sex is bad or nonexistent. You’re bored and frustrated.

But there’s something more on your mind, isn’t there?

It’s not just that the relationship has become stagnant.

It’s what you’ve lost…

Excitement. Desire. Respect.

Of course, if your girl was treating you better you’d love it. But it’s the feeling of emasculation that really cuts deep.

Why did she start treating you differently?

I know exactly how you feel.

As a married man (with several failed relationships under my belt), I’ve experienced viscerally the disillusionment that comes when your dynamic with the woman you love changes for the worse.

But your relationship of today does not need to be your relationship of tomorrow.

It can change, and be more sensual and drama-free than ever before.

Let me show you.

I’ve done it for other mens’ relationships as well as my own. And I’d love for you to join our club of happy men.

Why Are Modern Dating And Relationships So Hard?

(It’s not your fault. You were let down.)

Your Father Failed You

Fathers are important. But many – despite their best intentions – didn’t give us the presence in our life we needed. Boys learn how to interact with girls from their fathers. If this is disrupted it has a big ripple effect down the road when it comes to dating and maintaining happy and healthy relationships with women.

There are two types of dads that tend to negatively affect a man’s romantic life.

The Absent Father

Some dads just weren’t there. Maybe he was physically absent, or maybe he was emotionally distant and didn’t seem to care. Either way, not having a father present in your life left an empty void. His absence deprived you of a masculine role model and the confidence, resilience, and wisdom that comes with having one. You didn’t have a dad, and boys need their dad.

The Feminized Father

Some dads, however, were there. The only problem was that he was weak and unhappy. He loved you, but he didn’t teach you how to be a man – let alone talk to women like one. He was hen-pecked by your mother, passive, and showed you at least through osmosis to be the same. He was in your life, but in the way a boy needs his father to be.


You can’t change the past. Don’t be bitter about it. Your father in all likelihood did the best he could. But understanding where he let you down is important for understanding why men like you today don’t know how to attract and keep attracted women – something that was far more natural for men in the past. The truth is, your father was let down too.

Your Mother Held You Back

A mother’s love is essential. But a mother can’t teach a boy to become a man. Boys tend to base their future relationships with women off of their relationship with their mother. If a mother doesn’t show up in the right way, this can affect the sort of man a boy become later on in life, and handicap him with women.

There are two types of mothers that usually negatively effect a man’s relationships with women.

The Doting Mother

These mothers had one and only one priority: your happiness and self-esteem. It is wonderful thing. But she cared about it so much she also emasculated your father and overprotected you. It made you grow up sensitive and weak. It made you think women later on in life would love you like she did and would take care of you. But only your mother will ever do that.

The Unsatisfied Mother

Maybe your mother expressed their love differently, however. You never felt unconditional acceptance from her. She was controlling, demanding, and even emotionally abused you. So to deal with it, you disconnected emotionally from her – and women in general. Now you don’t know how to relate to them, even though it’s the one thing you want.


Mothers love their children. Your mother loved you too, even if she didn’t show it or prepare you for the dating world in the right way. Don’t hold a grudge. You can learn how to attract women and you can learn to relate to them differently. She was doing the best should could; indeed, at the end of the day what she showed you was just what she was shown herself.

But Don’t Beat Your Parents Up. All Of Us Were Betrayed By Society.

Sure, your parents learned many things from their own parents. But their main influence on how genders should interact with each other didn’t come from them, it came from society. And society has lied to them – and now you – from the start.

Instead of teaching you the right way to interact with women, it taught you to be weak, supplicating, and passive. It told you that was the good thing, and that women wanted “nice guys.” Yet the more you acted as you were “supposed to,” the less women wanted from you. I know what you’ve been through – it also happened to me, and countless other men.

This conditioning is fundamentally why your romantic life isn’t the way you want it to be. Only the guys who broke the rules got the girls. They weren’t afraid or ashamed. They knew some secret, and you weren’t let in on it.

It wasn’t fair.

Society encouraged this to happen. And now everything is a mess.

But you can still escape from it.

Introducing: Pat Stedman Dating & Relationship Coaching

For Men Who Want To Take Back Their Lives

A fair warning:

My coaching is not for most men. It is direct, politically incorrect, and intolerant of complaining.

I care too much about my clients to lie to them and let them lie to themselves.

All I care about is achieving success for men who are willing to step out of the matrix and into a new, liberating, empowering experience of life.

This is not a place for victims. I will not listen to your pity-party.

I want you to become stronger. I want you to become more aware.

I want you to become better.

If you want to work with me, you have to be not only willing to discard your assumptions about women – you have to be willing to take action.

You also have to be a high-character man who loves women and wants to master his relationships with them – not complain about or demonize them.

Does that sound like you?

If so, sign up for a free consultation below. Ever since I transformed my own life from one of fear to freedom, I’ve become passionate about helping other men to do the same.

The only thing holding you back from your new life is yourself.

Let’s change that together.

Why Most Dating Advice Fails

(And leaves men AND women worse off.)

The Truth Matters

Men are men. Women are women.

We are not the same.

Have you noticed the more politically correct society gets, the worse gender relationships seem to become?

This is not a coincidence. Men and women evolved with vastly different evolutionary roles. We are meant to be complimentary companions, not identical rivals. Modern society and culture have been telling men and women to act and interact in unnatural ways. The result has been a generation and counting who are anxious, confused, and no longer understand how to attract the opposite sex.

Can you relate?

Many men today are too afraid to even approach a woman, let alone engage with her in a way that is going to get or keep her interested. Others follow regurgitated mainstream advice that leads to them constantly being passed-over by the women they want, despite doing everything they we’re “supposed” to do. Even if they do get into a relationship, they find it quickly stale and passionless.

An inevitable consequence of what we’ve been told.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Tone Matters

Men are people. Women are people.

We are both human.

It’s tough to be a man today. Society gives us mixed messages constantly about what women want from us.

The result, unfortunately, is that many men and women grow to hate each other. Rhetoric has become extreme on both sides. Many guys have dropped out of the dating market all-together; women, frustrated, are doing the same. Rather than attempt to build a life together, men and women are increasingly avoiding or looking at each other with suspicion. They have become enemies instead of allies.

Can you see it happening?

Singleness is becoming the new normal. Marriage is at an all time low, divorce is high, and those still throwing their hat in the dating ring have never complained so much about what they experience. People are lonely, sexually and emotionally frustrated, and disillusioned at being sold a lie. Most still want romance, but their experience is telling them to be “smarter” and forego it. Better to be safe than sorry.

The more bitter we get, the worse this becomes.

But there’s a solution.

My Philosophy

(That’s me, above.)

My journey in the world of dating and relationships has taken me through many different communities.

Pick Up was my earliest and longest influence, although I quickly grew disillusioned with the games Pick Up Artists played. I saw the personal stagnation and long-term insecurity many of them suffered, and knew there had to be a more effective way to succeed with women. Since then I’ve immersed myself in everything from emotional communication and self-actualization summits to the Red Pill – two very different corners of the world.

Suffice to say it’s been a crazy but comprehensive ride.

Key in my growth was finding the right mentors at the right time. They taught me what worked, gave me the answers I was looking for, and in the process changed my life and outlook.

My Philosophy is a product of their lessons and my experiences synthesized together.

Are you interested in finding out what that Philosophy is?

If so, click below to get my book, “What Women Really Want From Men.”

It’s free. Trust me, it will improve your relationships with women overnight.

“Pat is one of the stand up guys I have had to pleasure to speak with. Having experienced dating, entrepreneurship, and a solid life in general, he the kind of the person who can offer you great advice, relate to you personally, yet provide the much-needed feedback candidly. It is rare nowadays where you can find someone who is not afraid to be politically incorrect, and stand for truth even if it’s against the popular opinion. That’s Mr. Stedman right here. I recommend him without hesitation.”

– Ryan C.

San Diego

“Working with Pat has shown me how the different areas of my life contribute to each other’s success. Pat was able to breakthrough my own personal hang ups and bring a clear, honest insight into improving my social interactions. Pat’s use of human psychology and key social skill principles allowed for me to increased my success in my social life at a rapid rate. As an extreme introvert I didn’t’ think the changes I’ve had were possible. But Pat’s ability to work within your core personality to bring out your best self might be his biggest asset to your social life.”

– BJ


“If you want to have relationships with high quality girls, Patrick is the man to see. He preaches what he practices, that is to say that long before he was a dating coach, Patrick was a guy who learned how to attain and maintain healthy relationships with very desirable girls. The advice that Patrick gives is rooted in his years of experience and is always spot-on. There are only a handful of dating coaches that I would recommend to a friend. Patrick is one of them.”

– David


Would You Like To Make Women Smile Like That? You Can.

Most men’s dating advice is either sanitized of crucial truths about women… or honest, but hostile and condescending towards them.

Here at Pat Stedman Dating and Relationship Coaching we seek to bridge that gap.

Women are beautiful, amazing creatures. Yet they are also very difficult and confusing to deal with if you’re a guy whose been spoon-fed untruths by his parents and society.

The truth about what women really want from men is shocking – but that doesn’t mean it’s something that we need to judge women for.

It’s the game. Play by its rules or lose. Don’t forget – men have their own game, and women who demonize men and refuse to follow its rules suffer the same fate.

That’s why I don’t have time for victims and complainers about how it “isn’t fair.” They are not welcome here. Negativity solves nothing – all it does is lower the consciousness of the conversation and get in the way of my goal for you and your fellow men:

To start to win with women.

To help you understand everything about how females work while maintaining love and respect towards them.

To become the sort of man women complain to their friends they never see… so when they finally experience you, they melt.

This site and my coaching is all about finally having the ability to get high quality relationships with high quality women, whenever you want… on your terms.

Is that the sort of experience of life you’d like to have?

Then download my FREE Special Report on “What Women Really Want From Men.”

It’ll open your eyes, and might just change your life.